March 2014

Don’t Get Hot Headed, Keep Cool This Season & Get an A/C Tune-Up

It’s about that time in Cincinnati. Soon we will be turning on our air conditioners, and for most of us, it’s the first time this year. If you haven’t been taking care of your air conditioner though, you could have trouble on your hands. Our talented team at Herrmann Services has compiled four reasons to invest in an air conditioner tune-up this season.

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An Efficient System Keeps You More Comfortable

Your air conditioner works hard, but after time it can slow down and become less efficient.  That’s why it needs love and attention, just like any other large investment. You regularly clean your car, and change its oil to keep it from rusting and breaking down. An A/C tune-up can do the same thing for your HVAC system. An annual tune-up will keep your unit healthy and help it work more efficiently.

Keep Air Conditioner Breakdowns at Bay

An A/C tune-up can also protect you from costly breakdowns. As time wears on your air conditioner, it continues to lose efficiency and can eventually burn itself out. When that happens, there’s usually not much that can be done to fix it, and the cost of a new air conditioning system isn’t cheap. Not to mention, if your system breaks down in the middle of the summer, you won’t be too comfortable either. So consider an A/C tune-up. It will keep your system running stronger for longer.

Keep You Rolling in the Dough

Want to save more money? An A/C tune-up can help with that. Tune-ups keep your system efficient, and an efficient system will cut your energy costs. Your air conditioner accounts for nearly half of your energy costs in the warmer months, but an A/C tune-up can help you cut up to a quarter of your costs. Want to save even more? Read about our programmable thermostats.

Prevent Small Problems from Ballooning

Stop a possible disaster in its tracks. An air conditioning tune-up can greatly increase the likelihood that your technician will catch a small problem before it snowballs into a big one. A small problem like refrigerant leak could turn into a major setback when your compressor burns out. The cost of a tune-up and fix is far less than a whole new compressor.


Get some peace of mind this year, and invest in your air conditioner. You’ll be happy you did when the heat sets in. Call Herrmann Services today for an estimate at (513) 737-8423.