February 2018

6 Ways to Inspect Plumbing When Buying a Home


plumbing inspection when buying a homeOf course, you want to have a professional plumbing inspection, once you decide to buy a home, but in the beginning stages, there are some things to look for that could help you identify problems or negotiate for repairs/replacements when haggling over the price. Because much of the plumbing in a home is hidden behind walls and under floors, you’ll want to pay attention to these six items:

1. Flush the Toilets

By simply flushing the toilets in each bathroom, you can see if there are any clogging or slow-running issues. It could mean there’s trouble down the line or the pipes are too small.

2. Look for Lead Pipes

Typically, the service line leading from outside is one of the most common places to find lead pipes. In other words, look for pipes that are a dark matte gray color. If you scrape it with a screwdriver, the metal will be soft and look silvery shiny underneath.

A brownish, copper color will tell you you have copper pipes that are safe. You can also use a magnet to help determine which metal it is made of. If it’s steel, a magnet will stick to it. If it’s lead or copper, a magnet will not stick to it.

3. Check Water Pressure in Showers

Turn on the shower and place your hand in the stream to see how powerful it feels. Lack of pressure could mean smaller pipes, but many showerheads are also equipped with a water-saving pressure reducer in the head.

4. Pay Attention to the Basement & Crawl Space

When touring the basement, pay special attention to the walls and floor and don’t forget about the crawl space. During the tour, look for water damage or signs of previous leaks. This could be a sign of past problems or shoddy repairs.

5. Look for Corrosion on the Water Heater

Corrosion around the bottom of the water heater is a sign of rust and a sign it is ready to spring a leak. Ask when it was last serviced. For example, if it looks very old, you may want to ask for it to be replaced.

6. Check the Size of the Pipes

Look for ¾” pipes from the water source to the home and ½” pipes to faucets to ensure proper water pressure. Smaller pipes will result in lower water pressure which can be aggravating.

We hope these tips will help you when you search for a new house. In the meantime, if you need any help with your plumbing in Cincinnati, the team at Herrmann Services is ready and waiting to help. If you need plumbing help, just give us a call at (513) 737-8423 or contact us online.

6 Interior Lighting Ideas for Your Cincinnati Home

Your home is ready for an update. One of the best places to start is the lighting. Dollar for dollar, updating your lighting will give you the best bang for your buck. Not only will your home look nicer because of the updated fixtures, but the lighting itself will create a new, refreshed look. Plus, it’s much less expensive than remodeling or buying new furniture.

Start with the Most Prominent Rooms

If your goal is to update your home’s lighting, start with the light fixtures that guests will see – kitchen, great room, foyer. While changing the lighting in your bedroom may be called for, it’s a room that most guests won’t see and therefore, can’t appreciate updating. For the biggest impact stick with the most prominent fixtures.

Remember Purpose When Choosing New Light Fixtures

Don’t forget, there are different kinds of lighting for different areas of your home. You don’t want to make the mistake of replacing a light fixture whose purpose is to provide the main lighting in a room with a light that isn’t strong enough to do the job. Maybe you really like the look of that frosted globe, but will it diminish the light that emits?

Always keep purpose in mind. Task lighting should be bright, accent lighting can be softer. Also think about where the light will shine. Some light fixtures shine straight down, while others will spread light in a wide path. Think about what you want the light to do before  making your decision.

Top Lighting Trends to Look For in 2018

So what kind of lighting should you look for to give your home a new, modern look? Try these beautiful lighting ideas:

hanging lights or pendant lighting for your kitchenDecorative pendant lights are definitely on trend. They look great over a center island.








Cabinet Lighting for KitchenLighted display cabinets are also all the rage. You may have to update a cabinet or two in the kitchen to add a glass front.

Bookshelves flanking the fireplace are also great places to add a can light for emphasis.







wall sconces as living room lighting upgrade

Wall sconces look great in a dining room alongside a mirror or in a great room above the mantel.








cabinet lighting for your kitchenA great way to add ambient lighting to kitchen is to install recessed lighting above the cabinets or even puck lights below them.

The lighting fixture is out of sight, but the soft glow gently brightens the perimeter of the room without overwhelming.

Under cabinet lighting makes great task lighting in a kitchen.





cove lighting for living roomCove lighting, lighting installed in a ledge high on the wall or behind moulding, will take a room from ordinary to elegant.






chandelier lighting for kitchenChandeliers and large-scale pendant lights are designer favorites. Some styles to keep an eye out for include orbs, and chandeliers with eye-catching accents like crystals, draped beading, and wood.

Rubbed bronze is becoming the go-to finish appearing in upscale decor. Although polished nickel finishes are great for a more glamorous look.

A sparkling crystal chandelier and coordinating wall sconces cast ambient light throughout a room.



Whatever your style, from rustic, to modern, to French country, there’s a lighting style to match. Simply choose the light fixtures that fit your kitchen’s style and your lifestyle needs.

If you need help installing any type of lighting, give Herrmann Services a call at (513) 737-8423 or contact us online.