6 Tips to Get Your Home and Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

summer in cincinnatiAre you ready for summer? Have you stocked up on sunblock and flip flops? You may be ready, but what about your home? You need to prep it for the hot months ahead if you want to save money on your utility bills. Herrmann Services put together this list of tips to help you save money this summer on energy bills.

What Can You Do to Save Money on Utility Bills This Summer?

The long-range forecast for Ohio, and most of the Midwest, this summer is hot, hot, hot. As early as June, homeowners can expect temperatures to be in the 80s. There will be plenty of sunshine, which will set the stage for July and August to be even hotter. Staying cool inside your home doesn’t have to trigger a fainting spell when utility bills arrive. Here are some tips to get your home primed and ready for better energy efficiency this summer:

1. Repair Roof and Siding

Repair any damage to the roof and siding that may have occurred during the winter season.

2. Replace Caulking

Replace caulking around windows and entry doors.

3. Check Insulation

Check your home’s insulation and add more if necessary.

4. Update Windows

Update old windows or apply energy film on windows to improve energy efficiency.

5. Install AC Air Filter

Install a new AC air filter and fire the system up for a test run and system check.

6. Schedule Inspection

Schedule an inspection and service of your home’s heating and cooling system.

HVAC Service Indoor & Out

Why is it so important for a professional to service your air conditioner? Because your HVAC system has indoor and outdoor equipment that requires specialized expertise. Winter weather is often windy, blowing debris into the outdoor AC unit. A dirty unit is a harder working unit, which drives up energy consumption. You change the oil in your car regularly, don’t you? That keeps the engine running more efficiently and helps you avoid car repairs. air conditioner replacement. The same principle applies to an air conditioning system. Your AC needs routine maintenance on all of its integral components like motors, fans, coils, coolant, and filters to keep it running efficiently.

To help prepare your AC system before a heat wave strikes, contact the experts who have been serving the greater Cincinnati area for nearly 50 years. Herrmann Services is family owned, professionally staffed and ready to surpass your service expectations! Call us at (513) 737-8423.