Would Your Home Benefit from a Humidifier?

During winter in Cincinnati, the temperatures drop significantly. As your home heating system works progressively, the air in your living space starts becoming dry.

If your home is not well insulated or in an arid area, the situation can only worsen. Whichever the case, dry air has many negative effects on your health and loved ones. It not only irritates your skin but also leads to sinuses, nose bleeds, chapped lips, colds, flu, and so on. On top of that, it can make your home quite uncomfortable.

Other effects of dry air in your house include increased wear and tear of your furnishings.

While there are many ways to combat the invasion of dry air in your living space, a home humidifier provides an immediate and practical solution. This piece explores the benefits of the whole-house humidifier and how it operates.

What are the Benefits of Having a Humidifier in your Home?


Provides Protection against Airborne Diseases

Humidity levels of at least 43% in your home can suppress up to 85% of the common airborne diseases. A home humidifier can help you achieve a safe level of humidity. The moisture that a humidifier produces curtails the movement of germs in your living space.

Microbes combine with this dampness and become too heavy to keep floating. As a result, they drop. Since the germs are no longer in the air, you and your loved ones cannot breathe them in. Consequently, you will hardly get airborne diseases.

Keeps Your Skin from Drying

Water makes up 50-60% of the human body. Given that the skin is the largest body organ, dry air will suck moisture out of it. So, when there is a lot of dry air in your home, your skin suffers.

The prevailing conditions lead to skin irritation, and you may also develop bloodshot eyes. Putting on your home humidifier safeguards your skin from drying. It adds moisture to the air in your house and provides much-needed relief to your itchy skin.

Makes Your Home Feel Warmer

What you may not know is that humidified air tends to make your home feel a lot warmer. Sweat will evaporate at a slower pace when the air in your interior holds more moisture. As a result, you will enjoy more warmth.

Protects Your Home and Furnishings

Dry air is damaging to wooden floors and furniture. It leads to cracking, warping, and other forms of wear and tear. This is more likely to happen when the humidity levels in your home drop below 30%.

A home humidifier helps maintain humidity levels that are safe for your furnishings. This benefit extends to wooden musical instruments such as a guitar or piano. If you have a home library full of books, humidified air helps preserve them.

How to Set your Humidistat

As a Cincinnati resident, investing in a humidifier from a leading brand like Aprilaire is a good idea. With the knowledge of the benefits of a home humidifier in mind, the next step is to understand how to set your humidistat.

This easy-to-use control, also known as a hygrometer, allows you to monitor and adjust humidity levels. The Cincinnati winter tends to be frigid as the outside temperature can drop to -10 degrees.

Ensure you set your humidistat at 20% for the best outcome when this happens. If the temperature is 0 degrees, your humidistat should be at the 25% mark. Whenever it is 10 degrees, always adjust your hygrometer to the 30% mark.

When to Change your Humidifier Pad

According to most manufacturer recommendations, you should change the humidifier pad once a year. Nonetheless, it may wear out faster during the winter. For this reason, consider changing it frequently.

Failure to replace it will cause you problems, which may include reduced efficiency, clogging of the humidifier drainage, and so on. You need some professional knowledge of humidifiers to change the pad. Otherwise, you could damage your unit. When the need arises, it is best to seek the help of an expert.

Get a Humidifier Today

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