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When the unfriendly Groesbeck winter season arrives, it’s critical that your furnace is in good operating order and providing enough heat to keep your house warm. You certainly don’t want to lose sleep over a broken furnace.

There are a few things that might be causing your furnace to cease generating heat or just blast freezing cold air. Some repairs you may be able to do on your own, while others may need the services of a professional.

To get help figuring out why your heater isn’t working, contact our team today. If it’s a quick fix that you can do on your own, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, we send out a certified service specialist to get your furnace back up and running.

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Herrmann Services has been providing heating and air conditioning services to the Groesbeck area of town since the late 90s.

However, our home services company has been serving Cincinnati residents for over 50 years, ensuring that their homes run effectively, safely, and always comfy.

We’ve worked hard to maintain the highest degree of professionalism over this period and have built a solid reputation in the process. We make every effort to earn each customer’s faith and confidence with each service call we make.

How Often Does a Furnace Require Tune-Ups?

There are a variety of reasons, we advise homeowners to have regular furnace maintenance done. Specifically, to ensure that their heaters do not fail them during the very cold Groesbeck winter months.

A certified heater repair company, such as Herrmann Services, has a list of items to check that includes looking for worn parts, failing components, and possible future issues furnaces are known to have.

Even if you’ve gotten away with missing a year or two of tune-ups, you may be exposing yourself to more expensive repairs in the event of a break-down.

If you have a newly bought furnace or one that is still under warranty from the manufacturer, you must get it examined at least once a year to keep the warranty valid.

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