Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection

Reasons for Electrical Inspection in CincinnatiWhile there are dozens of reasons for residential electrical inspections in the Cincinnati area, Herrmann Services put together our electricians’ top three. From poor wiring to outdated electrical systems, your home may be at risk.

Read this list carefully and determine whether any of these problems exist in your home.

Electrical Systems Need to Be Updated

The first question that Herrmann Services asks of homeowners when they begin to experience electrical problems is, “How old is your home?” If your Cincinnati area home was built prior to 1980, the probability of your home’s electrical system being out of date is high.

In fact, today’s modern appliances and electronics demand a larger amount of electricity than older fuse boxes are not designed to handle. It is important to update your fuse box because they help to prevent circuit overload, which can lead to fire. Updating your fuse box will make your home safer.

Replace Out of Date Wiring in Your Cincinnati Area Home

Electrical wiring is another component that homeowners should have checked out. Just as the electrical system in many homes is out of date, so too is the wiring. Wiring that is out of date can create a fire hazard for many homes.

With an electrical inspection, Herrmann’s professional electricians in Cincinnati can determine if your home’s wiring is in need of an update in order to help keep you safe.

Over the years, the National Electric Code (NEC) is updated and with that your home should be updated too.  If you have an older home, don’t assume everything is fine. Call Herrmann Services at 513-737-8423 and set up a service appointment for your electrical inspection!

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