Heating & Furnace Maintenance in Cincinnati


Heating & Furnace Maintenance in Cincinnati

A high-quality furnace keeps you and your family feeling nice and toasty all winter long. It’s one of those things you take for granted until something goes wrong. The best way to avoid any unfortunate breakdowns is to schedule furnace maintenance regularly. That way, your furnace stays in excellent condition, making sure you feel comfortable every day.

We’ve been taking care of homes and businesses in and around Cincinnati, OH, for over 50 years. Our team is fully certified and insured, and we’re experts in all kinds of furnace repairs, maintenance, and installation services. Over the decades, we’ve built up an incredible reputation for quality, friendliness, and customer service.

Call our professionals at Herrmann Services home services company for heater maintenance right away.

What Is Furnace Maintenance?

If you think of your furnace as a car engine, then maintenance is similar to a periodic oil change and lube. Our furnace maintenance services help prevent a broken unit during winter and involves carefully inspecting the entire system:

  •       Vent and air intake
  •       Heat exchanger
  •       Blower and blower motor
  •       Burner and flame sensor
  •       Electrical connections
  •       Thermostat
  •       Air filter

Next, we clean the furnace, removing any debris or blockages, and lubricate all moving parts. After that, we perform a tune-up, calibrating the furnace, giving you the best heating output possible while reducing energy consumption. Finally, we test the startup cycle to make sure everything is working at peak performance.

How Important Is Maintaining a Furnace?

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” can also apply to taking care of your furnace. Put simply, it’s better to prevent problems from appearing than wait for emergencies to pay for repairs. Scheduling furnace maintenance gives you many significant benefits:

1. Keeps Your Family Safe and Sound

Gas furnaces that work properly are completely safe for your family. With proper maintenance, the system stays in excellent condition, ensuring that any carbon monoxide vents harmlessly outside. If the heat exchanger develops a crack, however, CO can leak inside. That’s why regular furnace inspection and maintenance by a professional are vital for safety.

2. Saves You Money on Heating Bills

By tuning up your heating system, we help you save money on energy. A system that works properly requires less electricity or gas for optimal heating output. Replacing clogged air filters or ducts is another great way to keep the system from running constantly.

3. Prevents Winter Breakdowns

The last thing you want is for your furnace to break down in the middle of a blizzard. Whether you live in Cincinnati, OH, or outside of town, annual furnace maintenance is essential. In addition to keeping your family nice and warm, this also prevents problems such as frozen pipes.

4. Allows You To Avoid Expensive Problems

If our team notices any broken, worn, or nearing breakage parts, we can replace or fix them right away during the maintenance visit. By fixing smaller issues this way, you can avoid needing to worry about bigger breakdowns. For example, replacing a fraying belt immediately is a lot cheaper than having to repair a damaged motor.

5. Helps Your Furnace Last Longer

If you have a high-quality furnace, it makes sense to take great care of it. Furnaces that are regularly maintained can give you decades of dependable performance. That saves you money in the long run and lets you focus more on the big things in life, such as your family and friends.

Furnace & Heater Maintenance Service Plans

We provide a range of furnace and heater maintenance plans in Cincinnati, OH. You can select the type of preventative maintenance that works best for your budget and home. A few features of our plans include discounts on service and repairs, savings on emergency trips, and priority scheduling. That way, you feel completely protected year-round.

We also provide complete maintenance packages customized to your home. This means our professionals can handle the maintenance of your heating system, air-conditioning system, water heater, and electrical system at the same time.

We handle everything. We remind you when it’s time for your furnace’s next tune-up, and we work around your schedule to make things easier. After all, you have a lot of different things to do every day. Remembering to schedule furnace maintenance shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Why Choose Us for Heater Maintenance

At Herrmann Services, we have extensive experience with all types of furnaces. We’re the best name to call whether you have an electric furnace, oil furnace, or gas furnace. When it comes to maintaining these types of equipment, contacting the experts is always a smart choice. We also have experience with older heating systems, such as radiators and baseboard heaters.

Trust the heating and cooling professionals in Cincinnati. Discover our amazing customer service for yourself. We treat you, your family, and your home with respect, which is a big reason why our clients give us such amazing reviews.

Our team is certified for complete HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system maintenance, so we’re also experts in taking care of air-conditioner units, heat pumps, hybrid systems, ductless mini-splits, and other units. Does your business have a geothermal heat pump, in-floor radiant heating system, or boiler? We can maintain these systems as well.

Learn more about our residential and commercial furnace maintenance plans right away. 

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