Professional Service Panel Repairs & Upgrades In Cincinnati, OH


Today’s homes require more electrical capacity than ever before. Cincinnati homeowners aren’t always aware that their breaker boxes may be outdated or overloaded. At Herrmann Services, we can help. Besides service panel repairs, we can make upgrades to distribution panels, capacity upgrades if you’re adding new equipment to your home or business, and fuse-box to circuit breaker upgrades if you have an outdated panel. If you haven’t had your fuse box inspected in a while, give the electricians at Herrmann Services a call and we can inspect your fuse box or service panel for safety.

Outdated Service Panels Are a Safety Hazard

A lot of homes in the Cincinnati area have outdated service panels, and it’s best to replace them before they become a safety issue. Your service panel or breaker box, as they are sometimes called, is the central nervous system for your home’s electricity. If your home is over 30 years old, your panel could use an upgrade or maybe even replacement. Older service panels may pose fire hazards.

Upgrade Your Breaker Box to Meet Your Home’s Modern Electrical Demands

Today homes use much more electricity than homes built even 30 years ago. Think about all of the electric and electronic devices we have today. For example, multiple televisions, entertainment systems, video game systems, security systems – they all need electricity to run. Your Cincinnati home’s electrical panel needs to be properly equipped to handle all of that. Look for these signs that you may need an electrical panel upgrade:

  • You have old 60 amp service
  • Your breakers trip often
  • You unplug one appliance so you can plug in another
  • Your breaker box is a mass of wires
  • You plan to remodel

If your Cincinnati home has an old fuse box or breaker panel or you are constantly blowing fuses, you may need a service panel upgrade. Call Herrmann Services today at 513-737-8423. We’ll check for other electrical problems or hazards. It’s better to be safe than sorry.You can always Contact Us here as well.

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