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Cincinnati furnace repairA furnace malfunction is the last thing you want during the winter, but for hundreds of Cincinnati homeowners with outdated or poorly cared-for furnaces and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units, it is, unfortunately, a reality. You can’t always predict when a furnace breakdown will happen, but you can get the heat working again in no time by having a team of reliable furnace repair professionals on your side.

Your gas or electric furnace requires regular servicing from Herrmann Services to ensure it is working optimally, or you risk incurring costly repairs. We are dedicated to giving you the best customer care in the Cincinnati area alongside superior results that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Common Furnace Problems

While a furnace’s lifespan is subjective, you can expect a well-maintained unit to last at least 15 to 20 years, but being proactive with annual repairs can further extend its life. If energy savings is a priority, purchase a system with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating and have it professionally installed.

Otherwise, you’ll most likely experience common furnace repairs if your furnace has one of these issues:

  • A damaged blower capacitor forces a furnace motor to utilize the circuit board for all its energy requirements. This damage could trip the breaker, resulting in a short circuit or power surge.
  • A faulty heat exchanger is a costly repair you may need if you notice the air out of your vents isn’t warm.
  • Broken blower mechanisms might be due to worn-out ball bearings.
  • Thermostat problems force your unit to produce too much heat or none at all.
  • Burning smells emanating from the furnace due to layers of dust accumulation or growth of allergens and debris. Turn off your gas valve, ventilate your house, and call Hermann Services immediately should you sense gas leaks or a metallic smell.
  • Scraping sounds or a high-pitched squeal from your unit is a sign of a damaged blower-bearing mechanism or a damaged belt slipping out of place. You need to contact a furnace repair Cincinnati specialist to inspect the entire system and repair faulty components.
  • A defective electrical ignition causes the furnace to stop turning on or a malfunctioning limit switch that gets your unit dangerously hot.
  • Dirty ducts from dust and debris buildup can limit hot air dispersion in your home.
  • Old filters require replacing to keep your ductwork clean and air free of pollutants.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair Services

Are you wondering why your furnace is running, but there’s no heat, regardless of your thermostat settings? The reason could be an obstruction from dirty air filters that restrict airflow through your unit’s vents. This issue is a sign that you need a furnace repair technician to check and replace worn or filthy filters. Your furnace may also require urgent repairs if you experience the following issues:

  • A strong smell of fuel or a strange odor that dissipates when the unit is turned on. This smell could be the symptom of an issue with a tripped carbon-monoxide detector that requires instant repair.
  • A discolored pilot light could be an indication of ventilation problems.
  • Issues with starting the furnace may stem from a damaged thermostat.
  • The loud squealing and whistling noises can indicate belt or fan issues.
  • Furnace-related air-quality issues require air filter replacement or professional cleaning of the entire unit’s ductwork.

Diagnosing and Repairing Gas and Electric Furnaces

Even with a thorough understanding of the abovementioned furnace issues, identifying a singular root cause can be complex. Common culprits may include a faulty thermostat that needs to be reset according to the required conditions. If you have dirty air filters, they need replacing; otherwise, they’ll restrict airflow or prompt a complete blockage in the unit’s ignition.

You could also have a clogged-up drain pan due to a lack of maintenance or an access panel that does not allow the furnace’s blower fan to work if the unit’s door is open. These are examples of the many gases and electric furnace repairs that are best left to the professionals at Herrmann Services.

How Often Does a Furnace Require Tune-Ups?

In order to keep your furnace from breaking down throughout the chilly winter months, you’ll need to schedule regular tune-ups and maintenance from a team of professionals. Ideally, you’ll want to invest in at least one inspection and tune-up from your furnace repair professionals once every year. Annual tune-ups and inspections allow our technicians to spot small issues, such as minor wear and tear on parts or dirt accumulation early on, allowing them to make a game plan to prevent future damage. Fixing these issues when they’re still small prevents them from developing into worse problems that might be far more expensive to fix. You can certainly get by with missing an inspection or two now and again, but in the long run, paying for an annual inspection will cost you far less than paying for repairs. Manufacturer warranties require yearly maintenance on the furnace to keep the warranty in good standing.

While getting a tune-up at any time will be beneficial to the lifespan of your heating system, the most popular season to have a professional inspect your heater is fall. During the summer, your furnace has been sitting idle, accumulating dust, dirt, and other debris, along with potential damage to crucial parts. Cleaning out your system and tuning up worn-out parts before you flip your furnace on for the winter is a must for ensuring you’re able to enjoy the warm air and that your furnace is operating safely and reliably.

Of course, there are some steps you can take to ensure your furnace is being well cared for between tune-ups. An easy but critical step to preserving the integrity and performance of your furnace is regularly changing your air filter. The air filter traps dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris, preventing it from getting inside of the furnace when it’s pulling air in. However, if the air filter becomes too clogged, your furnace fans struggle to move air, placing undue stress on your furnace and causing its performance and likely its longevity to dip. The frequency at which you should change your filter will likely be noted either in your furnace’s owner’s manual or on the packaging of the filter itself. You can take other steps to ensure your vents are unobstructed and stay on top of your maintenance schedule.

These DIY steps are not a replacement for regular maintenance, though. You can certainly do your part in keeping your furnace operations healthy and reliable, but nothing beats a trained eye when it comes to picking out damage to components or other mechanical issues. Trust the professionals at Herrmann Services to have your back with thorough inspections and fast, friendly, and reliable service.

Furnace Maintenance Saves You Money

Scheduling furnace maintenance and duct cleaning at 1-2 year intervals are cost-effective and ideal for excellent indoor air quality. Keeping up with your annual repairs prevents costly breakdowns, increasing your unit’s lifespan. Additionally, regular maintenance helps keep all components of your system free of dirt buildup. With clean air filters, your furnace functions efficiently; an energy-efficient furnace leads to lower energy bills.

Trusted Furnace & Heater Repair Contractors

Herrmann Services’ home services company has offered residents of Cincinnati and surrounding communities access to superior heater and air conditioning care since 1999. However, our team has been in the business of working with homeowners throughout the area. We’ve been active throughout Cincinnati’s many communities for over 50 years, offering a wide variety of services to keep homes efficient, safe, and comfortable year-round in every aspect. Over the course of half a century, we’ve created a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness with our customers, and seek to continue doing the same with each and every job.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the quality work you deserve, which is precisely why each and every one of our technicians is carefully hand-picked, trained, and certified to handle all of your home’s most important systems, from plumbing to HVAC units and even electrical work. They’re provided with in-depth industry knowledge and high-end tools required in the repair and installation industry to ensure they’re able to handle any problem a broken furnace faces without a hassle and without ever cutting corners. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure our technicians can prove that we care just as much about your home as you do.

Choose Herrmann Services for Your Furnace Repair

We’re a family-owned and locally run business that really knows what Cincinnati homeowners need to keep their homes comfortable and their energy bills low throughout even the coldest winter nights. Whether you need immediate repairs or you just want some pointers on increasing the efficiency of your furnace during the winter, we’re here to steer you in the right direction.

It’s never too early to give your furnace the tune-up it needs to perform its absolute best throughout the coming months. If you’re looking to extend your furnace’s lifespan, get the best performance and efficiency from your equipment and work with the best of the best in the Cincinnati area while getting the job done, contact Herrmann Services. Our team is adequately trained, experienced, and licensed to handle all HVAC-related issues. Let’s get your furnace operating efficiently to lower your energy bills. We’ll live up to your expectations with every visit and ensure you always get the results you need and the quality you deserve.

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