When is the Best Time for a Furnace Check-Up?

For some situations in life, no news is good news. Unfortunately, you may not hear any warning signs of a damaged heater before it fails altogether. Whether you’re preparing for a cool winter in Cincinnati or you’ve just switched over to using your air conditioner, find out the best time for heating inspection, why you need an inspection, and why Herrmann Services is your premier heating and cooling team in Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Time to Check Your Heater!

There are many reasons to undertake a heating inspection. First, an inspection is far more affordable than an emergency repair call. A dead heater may seem to have stopped without warning, but a professional technician would have likely spotted some subtle signs during an inspection. A furnace inspection can’t guarantee your furnace won’t become damaged through a heating season, but it can give you a better idea of the condition of your unit.

A heating expert from Herrmann Services can also make recommendations for preventative maintenance services. These services are more affordable than middle-of-the-night emergency repairs, so you can save money by properly maintaining your furnace. Here are some common maintenance tasks that your local technician can perform while inspecting your furnace:

  • Check for gas leaks
  • Replace air filter
  • Perform combustion analysis on gas or propane fired furnaces
  • Inspect thermostat and furnace wires for loose connections or burned contacts
  • Clean blower
  • Replace pilot light electric starter
  • Check for carbon monoxide

These furnace issues typically come with little warning signs. You may notice a higher heating bill, your blower turning on more often than normal, or other subtle signs. Major furnace issues typically result in no hot air, your blower not turning on, or unusual sounds from your furnace. If you smell gas or another unusual odor, turn your furnace off immediately and seek fresh air. We’ll inspect your home for a gas leak and provide prompt repairs to keep your home safe.

In some cases, your technician may suggest a furnace replacement. Some issues, like a cracked heat exchanger, will require a replacement because it can emit carbon monoxide into your home. Even if your furnace is still working at the moment, some older systems can be dangerous and particularly inefficient. Replacing a furnace, particularly with a financing plan, can be more affordable than paying excess utility bills.

The latest heating systems are surprisingly affordable, energy-efficient, and silent. A variable speed blower helps reduce your energy costs and alter the amount of warm air being blown into your home. During your next yearly inspection, ask about other features and upgrades, like a two-stage gas valve, that can help you save money on your yearly heating bills.

There are many benefits to choosing a maintenance plan from a reliable heating and cooling company in your area. When you work with Herrmann Services, your affordable maintenance plan can come with these benefits:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced heating costs
  • Less chance of emergency repair issues
  • Increased furnace lifespan
  • Discounts on repairs when needed.

Maintenance programs are available for new and old furnaces. Whether you’ve just replaced your heating system or you’re looking to get a few more years of life out of an older system, work with our local team to find out when to get heating inspections and what minor maintenance tasks are necessary to enjoy a warm home all winter long.

The best time to have a professional inspect your furnace is in the fall. A yearly inspection of your furnace and thermostat can dramatically reduce the risk of a breakdown or other dangers. A fall inspection, particularly early fall, gives you time to schedule a furnace repair service at your convenience.

Make sure the inspection is scheduled before we get into the dead cold of winter. The last thing you want to do is turn on your furnace for the first time in the winter only to have it fail to start. An early inspection avoids an after-hours emergency service call, which can be more costly.

Yearly maintenance is important. Even if you have a newer system, it’s a good idea to have a yearly inspection. Most manufacturers require yearly maintenance to keep the warranty in good standing. This also allows our team at Herrmann Services to spot any issues early on, rather than waiting years for a worn-out part to finally fail. A heating system that uses a heat pump has more components involved, so consider scheduling an inspection every six months.

Find out today how you can afford a yearly inspection. You may be surprised at how efficient and affordable these services are, particularly from our trusted team at Herrmann Services. Work with a local leader in honest, affordable services to have peace of mind every time your furnace kicks on.

Choose Herrmann Services for Your Next Heating Inspection

From an emergency repair to a scheduled inspection, work with a quality team in your area. Herrmann Services is proud to serve Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and the surrounding area. We’ve worked with your neighbors and local community for over 50 years, so we understand your local climate and furnace needs. Now that you know how often you need heating inspections, request a service today. Keep your home warm and cozy all winter long without any surprise repair issues.


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