24/7 AC Repair in Cincinnati, OH


We have been servicing AC units for about 22 years. This family-owned and family-run business’s job doesn’t just stop at simple repairs. We don’t do new construction or your old AC unit has finally reached its limit, we’re also here to provide top-quality air conditioning installation for homes and businesses throughout the Queen City. We put our years of experience and the accumulated knowledge of our community’s needs to use to ensure you’re getting the perfect AC unit for your home and smooth, reliable operation for years to come.

Trusted Air Conditioning Installers

Many contractors offer AC installation throughout Cincinnati. However, you never want to choose just any old AC installation contractor if you want the job to get done right and without any corners being cut. Instead, Being selective and ensuring you’re working with a trusted contractor to get your new air conditioning unit installed should be your top priority at the beginning of the process so you can rest easy throughout the rest of the process. Herrmann Services is here to prove we have the expertise, integrity, and reliability you deserve to work with when performing even the most complex upgrades to your air conditioning system.

We start the process by helping you select the right unit for your home. The size of the unit you choose will not only impact how much cool air you’re getting throughout the day in your home, but also directly impacts the overall efficiency of your new unit. Choosing a unit that’s too large or too small could be a huge drain on your monthly energy budget. We’re here to help you avoid that issue by measuring your home and guiding you to a selection of units that will properly fit its size and layout. When you choose to work with us, you’ll be at ease knowing you’re getting nothing but high-quality and high-efficiency air conditioning units as well, because that’s all we offer.

Installing Quality AC Units

Investing in a high-quality unit is an important first step towards getting a unit that’s both effective and efficient. However, without proper installation, buying a high-end unit may be useless. Poor installation is a large contributing factor to high energy bills and under-performing AC units. Fortunately, Herrmann Services’ team of trained professionals is here to ensure that once you’ve selected your new unit, it gets installed properly. Our technicians take into account not only the location of the unit itself, but also ductwork and insulation. By being thorough and knowledgeable in our field, we get you the results you need and deserve with every installation.

We’re also here to ensure that your new installation is convenient and comfortable regardless of your needs. Aside from the general AC installation, we also offer our customers the option to install high-efficiency programmable thermostats, humidifier and dehumidifier installation, advanced air filtration system installation, UV lights and much more. We’re only happy once you’ve received your ideal cooling experience, regardless of the type and amount of work that entails.

Professional AC Installations and Maintenance

Because we’re dedicated to keeping our customers comfortable and to maintaining our trustworthy status among our community, Herrmann Services’ job doesn’t end after your installation. Regardless of the size, brand, or type of AC unit we install for you, it will need maintenance throughout the coming years to continue running smoothly. While there are some simple maintenance tasks you can handle yourself, others will require a more technical touch, and our technicians are here to provide exactly that. Investing in professional maintenance from our team can reduce your encounter with unexpected breakdowns by up to 95 percent and saves you an average of around $32 per month on energy bills while keeping your home and family safe and sound.

We know that for many home and business owners in the Cincinnati area, buying and installing a brand new AC unit is seemingly an impossibly expensive endeavor, especially when the replacement is unplanned but urgent. That’s why we’re here to offer financing to our customers throughout the area. We offer a wide variety of solutions to fit our community’s needs and financial situations so no customer is left without cool air when it’s needed the most. Your comfort is as important to us as it is to you, and we’re here to try our best to accommodate every family’s financial needs during these often stressful times.

Why to Choose Herrmann Services

With over half a century of experience and all of the tools, industry knowledge, and top-tier AC units at our disposal, we simply offer superior AC installation services to the residents of the Cincinnati area. We always put your comfort first and complete every installation with integrity and with the quality you’d expect for a company that’s been family-owned and family-run for three generations. To learn more about our financing options, our membership services, or about why Herrmann Services is the right contractor for your new installation, contact us or come meet us in person. We’re here to help you choose and install the perfect unit for your home and will offer quality work and guidance throughout the process, from the first phone call to the final handshake.

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