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Best Ceiling Fan Replacement, Repair and Installation in Cincinnati

Herrmann Services technicians repair and replace ceiling fans in Cincinnati regularly. Because we have more than 40 years of experience, all replacement and repair projects are always handled effectively and efficiently.

Common Ceiling Fan Repairs Tackled by Herrmann Services Cincinnati Technicians

Although a ceiling fan only has one motor and several blades, mechanical problems can still occur. The most common ceiling fan issues are a faulty motor, a noisy fan, and a wobbly unit.

Ceiling Fan Repair Advice – A Faulty Motor

When a ceiling fan doesn’t operate, our technicians will inspect the circuit breaker or fuse box. If this doesn’t solve the problem, there may be a problem with the wiring.

Ceiling Fan Repair Advice – A Noisy Fan

If you have a cheap ceiling fan, the components will typically make odd sounds when the blades rotate. In some cases, you can control the volume by adjusting the blade speed. If you prefer a long-term solution, one of our technicians can install a device reduces the noise.

Ceiling Fan Replace Advice – A Wobbly Fan

A ceiling fan will wobble if it is not installed directly into an electric box. The box must be designed specifically for ceiling fans because a traditional light fixture box cannot support the fan’s weight. Safety is important to our technicians. We never tackle ceiling fan replace projects inefficiently because the constant rotation of the blades will cause structural damage.

Our Ceiling Fan Install Procedures

Before our ceiling fan install technicians begin a project, the home’s electrical systems and the ceiling fan’s position and height will be considered. We always place the fan in the center of the room to increase efficiency. Usually, the blades will be about eight to nine feet above the carpeting.

Why Our Installation Services Are Valuable

When homeowners install their ceiling fans without hiring a professional, they usually make a number of mistakes. For example, the blades should be attached while the fan is hung. If the blades are attached on the floor, they may bend during the installation process. Also, after homeowners install the unit, they fail to secure the screws properly. This is a huge safety risk because the fan could drop. By hiring our installation technicians, you can avoid making these kinds of mistakes.

If you ever have a cooling problem in Cincinnati, contact us and schedule an appointment. One of our replacement and repair OH technicians will help you solve the problem in a professional manner.

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