Demonstration on how to flush a water heater

How to Flush a Water Heater

A functional water heater is essential if you like hot showers and warm baths. Flushing your water heater occasionally keeps sediment from building up inside, ...
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Residential Electrician in Cincinnati, OH

Questions to Ask an Electrician Before Hiring Them

Electrical work can be complicated, and it takes a highly skilled professional to provide safe and professional work. That's why you must do your homework ...
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potential Tax Credit for home improvement and HVAC services

Potential HVAC Tax Credits (2024)

Potential HVAC Tax Credits Have you made recent ENERGY STAR® Certified upgrades or energy-efficient updates to your home? If so, you may qualify for certain ...
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AC Maintenance: Is it Worth it?

Your air conditioner has a direct impact on how comfortable your home is throughout the year, keeping the inside at the perfect temperature as the ...
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air conditioner making loud noises

Why Is My AC Unit Making a Loud Buzzing Noise?

Updated: October 10, 2023 The soft hum of a functioning AC unit is always reassuring, especially in the sweltering heat of a 95-degree summer day. ...
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septic tanks

How Often to Pump Septic Tanks

A septic system in abject disrepair goes beyond the bad smells in your home. Depending on the magnitude of the problem, a malfunctioning sewer system ...
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What Water Treatment & Softening Can Do For Your Water Quality

Water from rivers, boreholes, and other sources is never ready to drink because it often contains pollutants that could cause serious health issues. As such, ...
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How Hydro-Jetting Works!

Although there are many drain cleaning methods, hydro-jetting is the best, as it effectively removes even the most stubborn clogs blocking your plumbing system. It ...
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HVAC installation

How Much Can a New HVAC Unit Cost?

Most modern homes are built with an integrated HVAC system, typically designed for central air. The AC system includes an indoor and outdoor unit, while ...
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Why is My Hot Water Not Working But Cold Is?

Updated: March 23, 2023 When you turn your faucet handle to find the shower has only cold water, you are likely both frustrated and confused. ...
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