Air Conditioner


AC Maintenance: Is it Worth it?

Your air conditioner has a direct impact on how comfortable your home is throughout the year, keeping the inside at the perfect temperature as the ...
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air conditioner making loud noises

Why Is My AC Unit Making a Loud Buzzing Noise?

Updated: October 10, 2023 The soft hum of a functioning AC unit is always reassuring, especially in the sweltering heat of a 95-degree summer day. ...
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HVAC installation

How Much Can a New HVAC Unit Cost?

Most modern homes are built with an integrated HVAC system, typically designed for central air. The AC system includes an indoor and outdoor unit, while ...
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2023 HVAC Equipment Government Regulation Changes

Updated: March 21, 2023 As we advance into the 21st century, more and more government regulation changes are being made to improve energy efficiency. One ...
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Set ACs Fan On or Off

Should Air Conditioner be on Auto or Fan?

You’ve probably heard differing opinions on how to set your air conditioner’s fan setting on your thermostat. There are two choices - “on” or “auto”. ...
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The Importance of Properly Sealing Your Ductwork

  When it comes to upgrading your home's energy systems, you should pay attention to your ductwork. Energy is easily lost through leaky ducts. As ...
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What Does a A/C Unit Dripping Water Outside Mean?

Your air conditioner should be designed so that it doesn't leak inside your home. As hot air blows across the cooling coil inside your air ...
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Top Ways To Keep Cool In Cincinnati This Summer

Searching for ideas to stay cool in Cincinnati this summer while having fun at the same time? We have you covered with some of the ...
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HVAC Tech Watch: Smart Thermostats

The purpose of a home heating and air-conditioning system is to keep you and your family comfortable all year. Part of this is having a ...
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Why Is My AC Louder Than Normal?

Herrmann Services has been taking care of homes and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas for more than 50 years. As a ...
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