The Importance of Properly Sealing Your Ductwork


When it comes to upgrading your home’s energy systems, you should pay attention to your ductwork. Energy is easily lost through leaky ducts. As a result, homeowners in Cincinnati, OH, have to contend with high energy bills and inefficient duct systems. Leaky ducts can make your lovely home a miserable place to be.

Air duct sealing is incredibly useful and health effective, as well as cost effective. In this post, we explore in detail the significance of sealing your ductwork.


Why Is Air Duct Sealing Important?


Your ductwork interlinks your home’s cooling and heating systems. The duct network consists of pipes that provide safe passage to cooled or heated air from your heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner. This duct is responsible for the transportation of the air that your HVAC system generates.

When problems such as worn-out seals, ruptured pipes, or loose sections occur in your duct system, it leads to duct leaks.


 Signs of Leaky Ductwork


Leaky ductwork will manifest in numerous ways. For instance, you may feel like your house is too cold or too hot. In other cases, cooling and heating become inconsistent.

Duct leaks can stop climate-controlled air from reaching some areas of your house. When this happens, as you might expect, you can experience immense discomfort around your home.  For example, you walk into a room expecting it to be warm and cozy, only to be hit by streaks of coldness.

Poor indoor air quality is another sign that your home is in dire need of air duct sealing. If you are encountering more dust particles, then there could be a leak in your ductwork. Ruptured pipes may have gaps that welcome various particulates into your indoor air circulation.

Also, if your monthly energy bills seem to be abnormally high, a duct leak could be responsible. Leaky ducts cause considerable energy losses in Cincinnati, Ohio, households. As this problem grows larger, homeowners begin digging deeper into their own pockets to keep their homes properly climate controlled.


Air Duct Sealing Process


If you suspect there is a leak in your ductwork, the first step is to identify it.  Once you find it, the next step is to seal it. Determining the location of an air duct leak requires thorough inspection. You cannot do it on your own, not unless you are a qualified HVAC professional. For this reason, you will need the services of your certified local HVAC technician.

After the inspection, the HVAC expert repairs the damaged sections of your ductwork. This includes air duct sealing and replacement of broken seals.

Sometimes, your ductwork can have some loose sections. The technician resets these connections and ensures that they are tight enough to keep your house as warm or cool as you please.


What Does Air Duct Sealing Entail?


HVAC technicians use mastic sealant to stop leaks within your ductwork. It is a unique type of rubber compound specially made for this purpose. In some cases, they can use metal tape. Other connections require mechanical fastening with metal screws.  Ordinary duct tape is not ideal for air duct sealing because it loses its adhesiveness over time.


The Value of an Effective Duct System

An efficient duct system is invaluable for all Cincinnati, OH, homeowners. It will protect your loved ones from diseases that arise from poor indoor air quality, such as allergies, pulmonary disorders, and respiratory infections, as well as simply improve your quality of life.

If you prefer to relax indoors, it is paramount to ensure your ductwork is functional. A leaky duct system cannot keep out dust particles, pollen, dust, smoke, chemical fumes, and other harmful particulates.

The comfort of your home depends on a fully functioning operational heating and air conditioning system. Unattended duct leaks can make your indoor environment unbearable. You are likely to deal with extremely cool or hot home temperatures.

On top of that, repair and maintenance of your ductwork reduces the wearing away of the HVAC system.  These units are more like a vehicle. Failure to address minor problems leads to major issues later on. Unsealed duct work will make your entire HVAC system work much harder.


Engage Cincinnati Professionals for Duct Sealing Work


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