What Should Be Included in an AC Tune-Up?

Air conditioners are undoubtedly the unsung heroes of the searing summer months. They work tirelessly to ensure your home is cool and comfortable. However, since your unit does a lot of work, it needs regular care to perform at its best. As such, an AC tune-up is a crucial procedure that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Whether you are a seasoned homeowner or a first-time buyer, this guide from Herrmann Services aims to equip you with the knowledge you need to understand everything about AC tune-ups and avoid constantly wondering, ‘What does an AC tune-up include?’

What’s Included in Our HVAC Tune-ups?

So, what does an AC tune-up include? It’s important to know what to expect once you hire Herrmann Services for an AC tune-up. Remember, there are some things you should do to keep your HVAC system in working order, including changing the filter and ensuring your vents and outdoor units are not blocked. 

During a professional tune-up, our team will:

  • Check electrical components: You may not notice a problem with the electrical components in your HVAC system, but our technicians will be able to spot them easily. Our team will check for loose connections and frayed wires during your AC tune-up to ensure your system functions optimally. 
  • Check refrigerant levels: Your HVAC system usually has enough refrigerant to last for years. Thus, if your system is losing refrigerant, that means there is a leak that must be located and fixed. 
  • Calibrate your thermostat: Our trained technician will ensure your thermostat, which is essentially the HVAC system’s brain, is functioning correctly by calibrating it. 
  • Check capacitors: If the AC capacitors are not working properly, your system will not work efficiently. Fortunately, we will check your system’s capacitors during your tune-up appointment. 
  • Cleaning Condenser and Evaporator Coils: Over time, dirt and debris accumulate on coils, preventing the transfer of heat and reducing the efficiency of your system. Our thorough cleaning enhances your system’s performance and extends its lifespan.

Additional Measures Taken

In addition to the above, our AC tune-up will also include:

  • Replacing your air filters
  • Inspecting your ductwork for leaks and blockages to enhance airflow
  • Lubricating moving parts to eliminate friction
  • Checking system controls to ensure they are operating properly
  • Ensuring all supply and return vents are open and unobstructed
  • Checking blower components
  • Testing the condensate pump
  • Measuring the air temperature differential
  • Monitoring the amperage and voltage
  • Offering recommendations and answering any questions our customers may have

Why an HVAC Tune-up Is Important

Increased Efficiency

An AC tune-up will bring your system back to its optimal working condition. This means it will use less energy to cool your home, reducing wear and tear on your system. 

Lower Energy Bills

Increased efficiency means lower energy bills. This is because your AC does not need to work harder than usual to cool your home. 

Fewer Repairs

A well-maintained AC system is less likely to break down. At your tune-up appointment, our HVAC technician will inspect your system’s components and moving parts for potential problems. By fixing these issues, you can prevent costly repairs in the future. 

Increased Comfort

An AC tune-up service will inspect all parts of your system to ensure no hot or cold spots in your home. When your unit is cooling more effectively, your home will be more comfortable. 

Increased Lifespan

An AC is supposed to last approximately 15 years, and you can get this life expectancy with regular maintenance.

Contact Us for an HVAC Tune-up Today 

If you’re still wondering, “What does an AC tune-up include?” The pros at Herrmann Services will gladly answer any questions. When you work with us, you can rest assured you are working with a team with integrity, experience, and dedication to the people of Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an AC tune-up for your unit.


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