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West Chester home and business owners have depended on Herrmann Services for their repair and installation needs for over four decades. We are a one-stop shop for home services. We provide plumbing, heating and cooling and electrical services. No matter what you need repaired, replaced or installed, the expert technicians and plumbers at Herrmann Services can take care of it. We are West Chester’s number one choice for home services.

Electrical Upgrades Will Make Your West Chester Home Safer

If your home is more than 30 years old, there are most likely quite a few things that are outdated with the electrical system. Your outlets in the kitchens and bathrooms should have GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters). If there is no red button on the outlet, it doesn’t have this safety feature that cuts off the flow of electricity if a surge is detected. GFCIs are now code in kitchens and bathrooms. Breaker boxes often need updating to handle the amount of electricity need by modern appliances, computers, televisions, etc. Let Herrmann Services come to your home for an electrical safety inspection.

Reliable Plumbers in West Chester, Ohio

From touchless faucets to low-flow toilets to tankless water heaters, plumbing fixtures and features have made great strides over the last two decades. Did you know, with tankless water heaters, you will never run out of hot water? You can do laundry, fill the tub, and have multiple guests take showers and you’ll always have enough hot water. That’s because tankless water heaters heat the water on demand. The first low-flow toilets were problematic, but today’s styles work great and conserve water too. Whether it’s for convenience or to be environmentally responsible, call Herrmann Services and check into what’s new and available in the plumbing world today.

Trusted West Chester HVAC Services

Furnaces and air conditioners have come a long way too. Manufacturers have found ways to make them quieter, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Air conditioners no longer use R-22, but coolants that are safer for the ozone. Newer models of furnaces and ACs also use less energy to achieve the same cooling or heating results. When you install a new heating and cooling system, you’ll lower your energy bills year round. Call Herrmann Services at (513) 434-3168 to learn more.

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