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The History of Herrmann Services in Cincinnati

Herrman family photo downsizedHerrmann Services is a family owned and operated company serving all Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities. In 1968, Richard J. Herrmann began to build a legacy for his family by opening the doors to Herrmann Plumbing. In the beginning, the company was a small, one-man plumbing shop. Richard soon found out that remarkable service and craftsmanship are impossible to keep secret. Richard’s inner circle started telling their friends and families about the care and skill he delivered. He was delighted to bring on other craftsmen to meet the demand of a growing business. He chose his employees very carefully, making sure they genuinely cared about helping people and knew their craft inside and out.

A Family Plumbing Company

Soon after Richard opened the doors to Herrmann Plumbing, his wife, Yvonne, and their children became a part of the business. Richard would say “if you are strong enough to pick up a shovel, then it is time for you to work.” This was the norm around the Herrmann household and as the boys got older, they each became more and more involved in the business. It was during those first few years that Herrmann Plumbing truly became a family business.

The oldest son, Kim, was the first one to join the company, earning his State of Ohio Master Plumbing and Backflow Licenses and, following Richard’s retirement, now serves as President of the company. Kevin continues to provide superior service as a licensed plumber. Kris, the youngest of the bunch, she took control of the finance department in 2002. She is known for “keeping her brothers in line”.

A few third generation Herrmann’s are also involved in the business. Jason, Kim’s son,
joined the ranks of the plumbers in the early 90′s and has since earned his Plumbing License, Backflow License, and State HVAC Licenses for Ohio and Kentucky. He currentlyHerrmann-History-Cincinnati holds the title of Service Manager. Tony, Kim’s youngest son, recently joined the team. He possesses his Plumbing License, Backflow License, Medical Gas License, and has extensive experience in the commercial and industrial field. His skills will help in providing superior service to our customers. Bryan, son of Kris, joined the family business in 2012. His communications degree from Miami University and valuable customer service experience made him a good fit within the company as well.

While not all of the staff members are Herrmanns, they are all considered family. Prior to being hired, each potential team member goes through a rigorous screening process, ensuring their success as a member of the Herrmann Services team.

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Heating & Cooling & Electrical Services Were Added

In 1999, Herrmann Plumbing expanded its services to include heating and cooling and the company name was changed to Herrmann Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. In early 2008, 40 years after the start of the business, Herrmann expanded its services one more time to include electrical services and changed its name to Herrmann Services. This change reflects not only the development of new services, but also emphasizes the company’s continued focus on customer service.

Herrmann – a Respected Name in Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, & Electrical Service

In recent years, the company has grown into one of the largest and most respected names in the region. We have never veered from Richard’s two founding principles: Remarkable Service, Remarkable Craftsmanship. In fact, we continue to create higher standards for ourselves and consistently strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. The company’s success and longevity are a testament that the founder got it right.

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