3 Reasons Homeowners Need to Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune Up Now

An Air Conditioning Tune-Up Technician

Air Conditioner Maintenance In Cincinnati

Another steamy Cincinnati summer is coming! You’ve finished your spring-cleaning, bought sunscreen, and tucked away the winter blankets–but is your air conditioner prepared to take on the heat? Here are three reasons why scheduling an air conditioner tune-up should be on the top of your list.

Keep Cool During a Cincinnati Heat Wave

If you’ve ever experienced an air conditioner break-down during the hottest months of summer, then you know the experience is more than just an expensive inconvenience. Annual air conditioning maintenance helps prevent breakdowns by identifying issues long before they become catastrophic. Our technicians will clean the AC coils, oil the motors, test the compressor, the drainage system, and check all mechanical parts for signs of wear. Early intervention helps identify possible problems long before you’re making emergency calls and shifting fans from room-to-room.

Save Money by Maximizing Air Conditioner Efficiency

Your air condition runs at its most efficient energy level when the coils are clean for proper air flow and drainage, Freon levels are properly set, the thermostat is functioning well and is most accurate, and the furnace filter is clean and free of wear. The fully trained technicians at Herrmann Services are specialists in all elements of air conditioning maintenance, including optimizing energy efficiency in a cost-effective manner. Annual maintenance can even pay for itself because an efficiently running AC will save you money on your utility bills.

Extend the Working Lifetime of your Air Conditioner

Just as cars are scheduled for regular tune-ups in the hopes of keeping them running for 100,000 miles or more, air conditioners require annual maintenance in order to extend their working lifetimes. If the expense of buying a new unit concerns you, consider one of Herrmann Services’ Air Conditioner Maintenance Plans to help your system last longer and run better.

No one offers a better air conditioner tune-up in Cincinnati than the folks who’ve been doing it since 1968. Don’t wait. Give the professionals at Herrmann Services a call now at (513) 407-5177.

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