Importance of Fall Furnace Tune-Ups and Repairs

Fall furnace tune-up imageWhen the weather turns cold in the Cincinnati area, you turn to your furnace or heat pump to keep you warm. Your furnace has sat idle for months during the summer and suddenly, it’s called into action. Over that time, dust has gathered, mechanical pieces haven’t moved in months, and your unit may be a little sluggish. If it starts and works, you may think there’s no good reason to call a heating company like Herrmann Services. But there are several advantages to having furnace tune-ups other than keeping your house warm.

Save Money on Energy Bills

A clean furnace is a happy furnace. One of the main things our technicians do during a tune-up is to clean your furnace or heat pump. You’d be surprised how drastically dirt can affect the performance of your unit. Some statistics say dirt alone can make your furnace as much as 40% less efficient. During a tune-up, our furnace repair technicians will not only keep your furnace clean, they will check, lubricate, tighten, balance, replace broken or worn parts, and provide a complete gas and electric safety check as well.

Make Sure Your Furnace is Safe

Having your furnace cleaned and checked every year will keep your family safe. A furnace or heat pump is a machine that can cause fires, emit deadly gas, etc. A tune-up will catch any problems or dangerous situations before they become deadly. The older the furnace, the more important an annual checkup is. Newer gas furnaces are equipped with safety features that shut the furnace off if a safety problem is detected. Older furnaces do not have these safety features. Over time, your furnace can develop small cracks in the combustion chamber that may not be visible to the naked eye, but are large enough to leak carbon monoxide through into your home.

Avoid Breakdowns

No one likes it when their furnace or heat pump breaks down. Having an annual tune-up will help you avoid inconvenient breakdowns. Tune-ups not only help your system run more efficiently, they also catch small problems before they turn into large, expensive problems. Don’t wait till there’s a problem…avoid the problem altogether with an annual tune-up.

Extend the Life of your Furnace or Heat Pump

Finally, as if you need one more good reason to get a tune-up every year, don’t forget the long run. Everyone knows that if you take good care of your car it will last longer. The same is true of your furnace or heat pump. You’ll get several more years of quality service out of your unit if you have an annual tune-up every year. And considering that a furnace is not an inexpensive item to replace, the longer it lasts, the better.

If you need to schedule a FURNACE OR HEAT PUMP TUNE-UP, CALL HERRMANN SERVICES. Be safe, be smart, and be thrifty – schedule your furnace tune-up with Hermann today.

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