Why Is Water Under My Furnace, and What Do I Do Now?

In the Cincinnati, OH, area, it's not uncommon to spot water pooling under your furnace year round. While it definitely isn't a good idea to ...
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3 Reasons Homeowners Need to Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune Up Now

Another steamy Cincinnati summer is coming! You've finished your spring-cleaning, bought sunscreen, and tucked away the winter blankets--but is your air conditioner prepared to take ...
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Water Heater Tips and Updates

The plumbing experts at Herrmann Services have found that energy conservation provides opportunities to save money and to participate in a variety of green living ...
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Stop a Catastrophe Before It Happens & Get a Whole House Plumbing Check Today

Here in Cincinnati, we are still in the middle of winter. That means temperatures are still hovering at, around, and well below freezing. This time ...
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3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe at Home

There are estimated to be around 1,000 deaths due to electrocution each year in the US. However, children are at particularly high risk. Curious children ...
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Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting Systems Now

While many people are still using incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs are on the rise, and for several reasons. Not only has the government ...
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Prepare Your Cincinnati Home for Fall Today

It may not feel that cool quite yet, but Cincinnati’s fall weather is just around the corner! As a homeowner, what can you do to ...
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See Ya Later Hot & Cold Spots: Temperature Zoning

Don’t settle for an uncomfortable home. From Mason to Cincinnati, Hermann Services has several air conditioning services that can keep your home at a more ...
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Switch to a High Efficiency AC System Just in Time for Summer

Before the Cincinnati summer gets too hot, you should consider switching to a high efficiency air conditioner. You don’t want to get caught without a ...
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Replace These 3 Items for a Safer Cincinnati Home

You don’t only want a home with electronics that work properly, but you also want a home that is safe from electrical hazards. Our electrician ...
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