See Ya Later Hot & Cold Spots: Temperature Zoning

temperature zoning Mason, OHDon’t settle for an uncomfortable home. From Mason to Cincinnati, Hermann Services has several air conditioning services that can keep your home at a more even temperature. Hot and cool spots in your home don’t necessarily mean that your air conditioner is inefficient and needs repair. It could just be that your heating and cooling system just needs a few adjustments and improvements.

Temperature zoning can help solve some of your issues, especially if your home has multiple levels and rooms with large windows and/or tall ceilings. It can also help you save money on efficiency costs. By zoning your home’s system, your air conditioner or furnace will only be adjusting temperature in certain areas of your home, which means it doesn’t have to work as hard.  So here’s how to get started:

Separate Your Home Into Zones

A technician will come to your home and separate it by zones. Each zone will get its own thermostat that can keep the entire zone at a steady temperature. Zones are usually separated by floor and by areas that are used the most and the least. Depending on the age of your home and your air conditioning system your technician may need to install some new ductwork or dampers into your existing ductwork.

Adjust Your Dampers

The dampers in your ductwork can also keep temperature zoning more efficient. By closing or opening these dampers in the different zones of your home, you can drastically change the amount and flow of air coming into different areas of your home. In the summer, we suggest opening the dampers on the upper floors of your home to allow more cool air to circulate there. You can also close the dampers in the basement somewhat since lower floors tend to stay cooler since heat rises.

Call Hermann Services in the Cincinnati area today at, 513-737-8423, and be on your way to a more comfortable home.

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