When is the Best Time for AC Maintenance?

When To Do Air Conditioning MaintenanceFor more than 50 years, Herrmann Services has helped families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas stay cool and comfortable through the hot summer months. This family business continues to thrive by providing outstanding services and dedication to quality craftsmanship. All of that history and experience and all of the drive to exceed expectations makes Herrmann Services the only name to remember when you need air conditioning maintenance, repair, or a new unit. Routine maintenance is a specialty at Herrmann Services. Read on to learn more if you’re wondering, “How often do I need AC maintenance?”

When is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance?

If your air conditioner works fine from year to year, it’s tempting to let things roll along, skipping annual maintenance and upkeep. Most people know that you can do some simple tasks yourself, such as changing air filters and keeping leaves and debris from the unit. However, those tasks aren’t enough to maximize the performance of your AC system. Routine service does so much more than keep your unit running. Herrmann Services performs annual maintenance on your AC system to help you get the most out of your HVAC unit and its components.

Why is AC Maintenance Important? 

Yearly service is critical for several reasons. While comfort is the most important one, other factors matter as well.

  • Regular maintenance helps to catch minor issues before they become big ones.
  • Annual checkups identify parts that are susceptible to wearing down so that they can be replaced regularly to maintain efficiency and effective operations. Up to six percent of the energy your home consumes is cooling your living space in warm weather periods, so the savings can be significant.
  • Yearly checkups also keep your system running at peak efficiency to save you money on your utility bills. You may save enough to cover the cost of your annual maintenance plan.
  • Routine maintenance reduces wear and tear on your equipment to extend its useful life.
  • Yearly preventive maintenance helps keep you and your family safe, avoiding dangers such as fire hazards and leaks.
  • With the new higher efficiency equipment its important to keep the outdoor unit clean, lack of maintenance will cause early failures
  • Manufactures can deny warranty work based on lack of maintenance

The most important thing to remember about when you should get your maintenance scheduled is to do it before the worst of the summer heat arrives in your area, which means the early spring in the Cincinnati region. Getting the work done early means you can correct any problems before the mercury climbs too high. It also lets you avoid having to wait for an appointment. As things heat up, technicians get tied up with emergency calls more often. If you’ve already had your air conditioning system inspected, you can avoid the rush. But if you haven’t, it’s still beneficial to schedule a maintenance appointment to make sure your AC is ready to cool you through the summer and beyond.

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared Mid-Summer!

One of the most powerful incentives for having your cooling system maintained regularly is to avoid a breakdown in the hottest part of the summer. It’s hard to imagine anything more uncomfortable than an air conditioner breakdown in the middle of a heatwave. Such a scenario can even be deadly if you have someone in your household with medical conditions aggravated by heat. A professional maintenance review includes multiple points of inspection, cleaning, testing, and adjusting. Here are just a few of the more than a dozen things Herrmann Services checks when their team handles your annual maintenance:

  • The safe and proper operation of electrical components
  • The AC freon levels in the system
  • The lubrication and oil level of the condenser fan motor to prevent parts failure
  • The state of the furnace filter for dirt, foreign materials, and wear and tear
  • The removal of debris from the outdoor air conditioner coil
  • The condensation drain lines for adequate drainage of the water pulled from the air inside your home

Is an AC Tune-Up Really Necessary?

Your air conditioning system is a sophisticated unit made up of components such as fins, filters, and coils. Without regular maintenance, all of these parts are susceptible to wear and tear or damage. The United States Department of Energy estimates that routine care of your air conditioning system can save you five to 15 percent of energy usage. The agency also points out that regular maintenance can identify the most common problems that can sideline air conditioners, such as low or leaking refrigerant, thermostat issues, and sensors.

Why Choose Herrmann Services?

While most heating and air conditioning companies offer a package of preventive maintenance services, what you get can vary. The professionals at Herrmann Services are trained and educated on how to perform a thorough cooling inspection and perform tune-ups as needed. The Herrmann trucks carry all the tools and equipment necessary to fix most issues on the first visit. If the technician finds repairs that need to be made, he or she will share all your options so you can make an informed decision. Contact Herrmann Services today and let us take the worry out of caring for your air conditioning system.

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