What Type of Repairs Should I Call an Electrician For?

What Type of Repairs Should I Call an Electrician For?

Are you in need of Cincinnati electrical repairs? Electrical systems are often dangerous and should not be tampered with without proper experience. Calling an electrician is the best step to protect your residences and businesses from potential electrical hazards. Contact Herrmann Services, professional electricians in Cincinnati that offer a wide range of services, from repairs to major installation to rewiring your home.

What Kinds of Work Require an Electrician?

Not every faulty electrical device in your house requires you to buy a new one. You can cut costs and repair your devices and systems with a professional electrician.

Professional electricians offer repairs and maintenance repairs to the power supply for various household appliances, though not the appliances themselves. Additionally, our HVAC department can help with the repairs and maintenance of your AC units and furnaces.

Here Are Several Repairs That Require an Electrician

Your home’s electrical system would likely benefit from repairs and upgrades unless your house is new. If you are looking for professional Cincinnati electrical repairs, contact Herrmann Services for quality electrical services at affordable fees.

Here are examples of repairs you should call an electrician for:

Panel Upgrades

An increase in technological growth and the use of appliances in our houses has led to an increased demand for electrical capacity. It is common to find Cincinnati homeowners who do not know their breaker boxes may be outdated or overloaded.

At Herrmann Services, the most reliable Cincinnati electrical repairs service provider, we can help with the following panel upgrades and repairs:

  • Panel repairs
  • Upgrades to distribution panels
  • Capacity upgrades that allow you to add new equipment to your home or business
  • Fuse-box to circuit breaker upgrades in outdated panels
  • Regular fuse box inspections
  • Upgrade your breaker box to meet your home’s modern electrical demands

If your Cincinnati home or business center is constantly experiencing blown fuses or has an old fuse box or breaker panel, you might need a service panel upgrade.

Washer, Dryer, and Appliance Lines

Washers and dryers are some of our houses’ most used electrical appliances. If your electrical system does not have enough power to supply your washer and dryer, it may pose an electrical hazard.

To improve your house security against electrical hazards, have a professional electrician review your power system and determine if it can support your appliances. At Herrmann Services, we will offer you a comprehensive inspection and fix all your appliance lines where needed.


Faulty and outdated wiring can be hazardous, causing fatal fires and electrical accidents. If your house is old or you spot a fault in its wiring, contact a licensed electrician who will test it and rewire it.

Herrmann Services offers residential and commercial wiring upgrades, including replacements for cloth wiring and capacity and safety services.

Whole House, Including the Outside Lighting

Whether remodeling or building a new house, you will require a lighting system. Our professional electricians at Herrmann Services are more than happy to help you with an estimate for any lighting repairs and installations.

To enhance the security of your home or commercial building and brighten your property for aesthetics, consider having a complete outdoors and landscape lighting system. Hermann Services takes pride in providing Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities with quality whole house, outdoors, and landscaping lighting systems for more than 50 years.

New Light Switches and Outlets

Old light switches and outlets might require replacement if they are faulty, feel warm to touch, or give off tiny shocks when you touch them. At Hermann Services, we can replace old switches and outlets and install new ones in new locations, including outdoors and in garages.

Standby and Backup Generators

With unpredictable weather, your power line might get hit, and a backup generator is the best solution to help you get through winter and summer. We can install a powerful backup generator that can power your Cincinnati home or office for weeks until your power is restored.

Ceiling and Attic Fans

Do you have a faulty motor or a wobbly or noisy fan? Our ceiling fan install technicians have over 40 years of experience replacing and repairing fans. Avoid fixing your fans if you do not have sufficient knowledge to avoid installation accidents.

If you are looking for professional Cincinnati ceiling fan repair, contact Hermann Services and schedule an appointment.

How To Tell If You Need Emergency Electrical Help

There are some ‘symptoms’ that should prompt you to look for a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system and make the necessary repairs and upgrades.

Call an electrician immediately if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Switches and other electrical surfaces are warm to touch or give off a tiny shock
  • Power outlets that cannot accommodate three-prong grounded plugs
  • If your circuit breaker trips often or your fuse blows often
  • A surge, light flickering, or dimming once you start using some appliances
  • If you have overloaded power points and power boards
  • Singles or damaged wires in the fuse box
  • When you notice smoke or a burning smell in the air
  • Buzzing pounds inside your walls

Get Help From Herrmann Services With All Types of Electrical Repairs and Services

Are you looking for high-quality Cincinnati electrical repair services? Herrmann Services is here to help you. We are a family-owned and operated company with over 50 years of experience serving all Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities.

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