My Sink Only Drains When Garbage Disposal Is On

A garbage disposal is an excellent option to reduce waste in your home. A clogged disposal, however, can be a frustrating situation that prevents you from using your sink. Explore likely culprits of a clogged sink, dangers of clogging, and how Herrmann Services can restore your sink and garbage disposal.

A garbage disposer is a highly used item in your kitchen. A disposal system is hidden conveniently under your sink and, with the simple flip of a switch, allows you to grind up scrap vegetables and other food scraps. Save sending this waste to a landfill and enjoy hassle-free rinsing of your dishes without worrying about draining large debris into your sink.

Likely Culprits Of Sink Draining Issues

Many issues can cause your sink drain to clog. However, if the clog is only present in the disposal side of a double-basin sink, your garbage disposal may be causing the clog. Here are common ways that your disposal can clog your drain:

  • Too much garbage without enough flushing water
  • Coffee grounds or eggshells
  • Potato or banana peels

These are the most likely culprits of a clogged disposal. Your disposal system needs to have water flushing through it constantly as it operates to be sure all the debris is washed down your drain. Without running water, ground debris will build up in your drain and can cause a blockage.

Eggshells, coffee grounds, banana peels, and potato skins are all common causes of a clog. Even with sufficient flushing water, these materials can create a sludge that clogs your drain. Put these materials in your compost or dispose of them in your trash to prevent drainage issues.

The best way to prevent your drain from clogging at your garbage disposal is to turn on the water to flush it as you operate the disposal. Turn on the water, grind your waste materials, and then continue to run the water for at least 30 seconds afterward. This will ensure plenty of flushing water to prevent clogs from forming.

Another great way to maintain your disposal is with a small piece of lemon peel or ice cubes. These materials can be ground up and, if used routinely, maintain your disposal and help prevent blockage.

Dangers of a Clogged Sink

A clogged sink is a dysfunctional sink. When you clog your sink, you won’t be able to use that basin or your entire sink for daily dishes, hand washing, and other uses. If you don’t immediately notice a clog, you’re in danger of flooding your kitchen.

Prevent water damage throughout your kitchen and home with a properly functioning drain. Unfortunately, your garbage disposal is only one source of drain blockage. If you’re concerned with your disposal or septic system, discover how a qualified drain cleaning service provider can assist you.

Over time, a clog may strain your disposal and cause it to stop operating effectively. Don’t continue to run your disposal if it isn’t sufficiently grinding up materials. Look for a repair team near you who can assist you with diagnosing the cause of the clog and work with you to prevent future blockage.

Work With a Qualified Drain Cleaning Service Provider

Clear your drain lines and enjoy a fully functioning garbage disposal in Cincinnati, Ohio, with Herrmann Services. Contact us today to prevent your sink only draining with the garbage disposal on. Work with a leader in plumbing, drain cleaning, and other residential repair and installation services today.


Updated: 9/12/2022

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