12 Reasons Why A Certified HVAC Technician Is A Good Career


Is HVAC a Good Career?

Are you considering your career options? A profession in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry offers many desirable perks. HVAC technician jobs are an outstanding choice for your new career path. If you want an occupation that pays well and is rewarding and challenging, working in this field is an excellent option. Here, we provide 12 reasons why a certified HVAC technician is a good career.


  • You can earn a certification as an HVAC technician in seven months, providing you with a quick route to a good-paying profession.
  • As an HVAC contractor, you have significant control over your daily schedule, enjoy a diverse set of tasks and problem-solving challenges, and stay physically active on the job.
  • A career in the HVAC industry offers you stable employment with various growth opportunities.

1 – Diverse Work Setting

When you choose a heating and air conditioning career, you benefit from having a healthy variety regarding your daily tasks. The reasons for your service calls vary from place to place on a daily basis. You will assess and repair different types of equipment in various locations. You won’t be stuck in an office in the same workplace looking at a computer every day. Instead, you will be out and about, working with many different people, installing and repairing furnaces and air conditioning units in the Cincinnati, OH area.

2 – Short Training Time

Rather than spending four years and significant amounts of money attending a university, you can get your HVAC certification in much less time. You can finish an HVAC technician training program in seven months. Once you complete the training, you have the skills to provide many services, such as regularly maintaining furnaces and air conditioners, installing new units, investigating malfunctioning equipment, and making necessary repairs. In a short timeframe, you will be working in your chosen career.

3 – Stay Active & Healthy

HVAC technician jobs allow you to stay healthy while performing job duties. Repair, maintenance, and installation work require physically active tasks. When you choose career opportunities in this field, your activity level reduces your risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. You are always on the go in this dynamic position, working both inside and outside. You will never feel cooped up or restless, and you gain many health benefits.

4 – Fast Job Growth

The expected job growth for HVAC contractor jobs by 2026 is more than double the average job growth rate. You will have no trouble finding and keeping work:

  • Providing system repairs
  • Replacing old units
  • Upgrading HVAC equipment for energy efficiency
  • Installing new systems for construction projects
  • Servicing ventilation, air conditioning, and heating units for routine maintenance

5 – Careers in HVAC Pay Well

HVAC technician jobs are increasing in demand each year as more and more people work in computer industries or office buildings. This demand results in more significant income potential. When you choose a job in HVAC repair, installation, and services, you make a comfortable living. As a skilled specialist, your qualifications give you good, consistent earning potential for a rewarding career.

6 – Career Advancement

As an HVAC contractor, you have opportunities for advancement. You can obtain specialized certifications, advanced training, and on-the-job experience to move forward in your profession. You can work your way up to distribution, operations management, or owning your own HVAC company.

7 – Always Challenging

Working in the HVAC industry in Cincinnati, OH, means you get to tackle many different kinds of work. From installing new air conditioners to repairing furnaces to maintaining air purification systems and humidifiers, you will have a wide range of experiences. Seasonal temperature changes mean your job tasks change, too. This variety makes your job both challenging and rewarding. You will never get bored because it feels different every day.

8 – Effectively Serve Your Community

HVAC technicians provide essential services for individuals, businesses, health care centers, and more. When the Cincinnati winter temperatures drop, heating is a vital need for the community. HVAC contractor jobs keep customers warm during the colder months, preventing potential health issues and concerns. Properly functioning ventilation systems and air conditioners enable hospitals to minimize patient exposure to pollutants and allergens within the building. Your skills make a difference in the lives of many people in various ways.

9 – Job Security

There is always a need for skilled HVAC professionals. Many jobs fluctuate depending on the state of the economy and the demand for specific skills. However, people will always need heat in the winter to protect themselves from freezing temperatures. Most houses and commercial properties also have air conditioning systems that need servicing and repairs.

In Cincinnati, OH, trained and certified HVAC technicians are always in demand. When there is steady work, you have the benefit of a steady income. This job security means you can begin a career in the HVAC industry with confidence, knowing it will last far into your future. You will never have to wonder how you will pay your bills with a career in HVAC service.

10 – Companies Won’t Outsource Your Job

HVAC contractor jobs do not get outsourced. A career in this field requires that you are present in the community to repair and install equipment for customers’ homes. No outsourcing offers yet another perk to choosing work as an HVAC tech. You will not lose your position to cheaper labor elsewhere.

11 – Use Creativity For Problem Solving

When beginning a new career, you want something that will stay interesting for many years to come. HVAC professionals must assess malfunctioning equipment to identify the causes of issues. As a service technician, you use your knowledge and skills, combined with creative problem-solving, to determine the best methods to remedy unit breakdowns. You use your technical skills, practical understanding, and mechanical expertise to examine the entire HVAC system and uncover what is wrong. A position in this industry keeps you on your toes for long-lasting job fulfillment.

12 – Daily Workplace Independence

Another appealing benefit of a career as an HVAC technician is the ability to take responsibility for your daily schedule without micromanagement. Regardless of your specific job title within the HVAC industry, you can plan your day according to your necessary tasks. You do not have constant supervision over your every move as you visit customers’ houses on your own to make essential repairs, install equipment, and provide routine cleaning and maintenance for HVAC systems. Service professionals in this field make decisions about their day, tasks, and repair solutions.

Start a Rewarding Career with Herrmann Services

When you choose to become a certified HVAC technician with Herrmann Services, you gain many advantages for a fulfilling career. Our family business serves the communities in Cincinnati, OH, and has been doing so for many years. We provide reliable, trustworthy, quality service by employing highly trained technicians. When you work for our family, you are one of the family.

Now that you know 12 reasons why a certified HVAC technician is a good career, you can begin your path to success.

Updated: 8/18/2022

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