Tips for Unclogging a Toilet

We are rarely concerned with our toilets until something goes wrong with them. When the toilets stop functioning or get clogged, it can be a complex inconvenience, especially if you don’t have a plunger. A bathroom that frequently gets clogged can completely interrupt the operation of a household. Sometimes clearing the clog is as simple as plunging a drain, but sometimes you might need to check your drainage system. No matter the extent of the blockage, there are times when calling a plumber is the only option. Sometimes we do not want to spend money on issues we can fix ourselves. However, when the blockage is complicated and requires an expert, please contact us, Herrmann Services. We specialize in clogged pipes, leaking or dripping faucets, and local emergency plumbing cases. If you are in Cincinnati, OH, and need repair or a new toilet or appliance installed, contact us, and we will offer our services.

How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger

While a plunger might be a primary tool, it remains a successful way of unclogging a toilet. All households need this tool, mainly a flange, because they effectively unblock toilets. A flange plunger, also known as a toilet plunger, has a rubber flap that creates an excellent seal on the toilet drain. To remove the blockage, gently push the plunger down. Repeat the process several times while keeping the seal tight. Finally, pull up the plunger sharply as you break the air seal. You will see the water rushing down the drain by raising the plunger. If the process is unsuccessful, repeat it a few times until the clog disappears.

Using Vinegar and Baking Soda to Unclog Toilet

If your toilet clogs and you do not have a plunger, you may turn to vinegar and baking soda for DIY toilet unclogging. This is an ineffective way to unclog a toilet since baking soda is a base while vinegar is an acid. Their chemical reaction produces water with a tiny amount of salt in it, not a sufficient drain cleaner as you would imagine. Vinegar and baking soda are much better when used in a closed container, and unfortunately, a toilet bowl is not a closed container.

Hot Water and Dish Soap

While some reports state that hot water and dish soap works to unclog a toilet, we highly advise against this as it can lead to potential problems. Not only will you have bubbles everywhere, but you will also potentially ruin your system, and you definitely do not want that. The rubber or seals in your toilet cistern can break down when anything else but water is used in there.

The Drain Snake

Drain snakes can be effective in clearing certain clogs, however, more often than not, they can actually exacerbate the problem. For example, if your pipes are old and corroded, sticking a snake down can scrape off chunks of metal, making the clog much worse and ultimately damaging your pipe.

Contact Herrmann Services Today!

Toilet clogging may seem like a minor problem, but sometimes you may need to investigate the issue before attempting to fix it. You may want to save time and money by not involving an expert, but you may end up complicating the problem. Avoid being overconfident by contacting a professional to fix your toilet clogging problems.

Are you stressed over drainage issues? Contact Herrmann Services to solve your problems. We offer plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, and drain cleaning services throughout Cincinnati, OH. We clean up any plumbing-related mess and fix the problem from the source. All you need is to contact us, relax, and wait for our excellent results.

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