Prepare for Heavy Rain with a Sump Pump Inspection

Herrmann Services efficient sump pumpThe weather is warming up, which means it’s time again to think about preparing your home for spring rains. You never know when a heavy storm might hit and you certainly don’t want to be surprised by flooding in your home. Scheduling a professional sump pump inspection now can provide you with peace of mind throughout the rainy season.


Sump Pump Inspections

At Herrmann Service, we can perform a sump pump inspection that covers your pump from top to bottom, inside and out. First, we inspect the pump to make sure it is in proper working order. We check the valve on the discharge pipe to ensure that water can only flow in one direction. We check the inlet screen for blockages or holes, and finally, we inspect the discharge pipe outside to make sure that the water that is being pumped out is flowing away from your home’s foundation, not pooling or gathering in low spots. If there are any problems, like damage, leaking, or cracks, we repair them.  

Sump Pumps Can’t Operate When the Electricity Goes Out

It’s important to remember that your sump pump is electric and will not run if your power goes out in a heavy thunderstorm. That could leave you in the dark with a rapidly flooding basement and give you a nasty surprise when the lights come back on. To avoid this disaster, we recommend installing a battery backup pump that will take up the slack if your main pump loses power. In especially bad flooding, a battery backup pump can even work together with your main pump to help it keep up with the amount of water coming in.

Herrmann services has proudly served the Cincinnati area for over 50 years. Our upfront pricing ensures that you know what you are paying for in advance. No surprises. Plus, financing is available if you should need help with larger purchases.


If you’d like to schedule a sump pump inspection or have a battery backup pump installed, call us at (513) 737-8423 or contact us online and we will make sure you are prepared for the spring rain ahead.


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