3 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Ceiling Fan

black fan with gold fixtures in a homeAhh, home ceiling fans. While not the most exciting fixture in our home, they provide such a necessary function, particularly as the summer months arrive. However, these home must-haves are often overlooked as boring install-and-leave fixtures. But if you know these three simple ceiling fan facts, you can increase your fan’s utility, lower your energy costs, and even connect certain fans to an app, getting the most out of a once static fixture. If you want to update a ceiling fan in your home, consider these tips from Herrmann Services to maximize its efficiency and style.


1. Summer Heat Got You Beat? Change Your Fan’s Rotation

Many homeowners are not aware that your fan’s rotation is meant to be changed every summer and winter. During the summer, fan blades should be pointed upwards, usually moving in a counterclockwise rotation, so that air can be pushed down to the floor and result in a cooler feeling room.

During the winter, fans should rotate with their blades turned downwards, in a clockwise motion. Because heat rises, warm air usually gets trapped on the ceiling, leaving you shivering down below. With a properly rotating ceiling fan, it will help circulate the warm air to the bottom, resulting in a more evenly-temperatured feeling room. Usually, a switch is provided on the fan itself that can change the direction. If not, contact our knowledgeable electricians for more consulting help.

2. Save Money By Doing The Unthinkable: Turning Your Fan Off

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, shutting the fan off when you leave a room will help save  on electricity bills and it won’t really affect the temperature of the room. Here’s how this works: fans never actually lower room temperature, they only circulate air. This air is pushed down onto your skin, drying your perspiration, and leaving you feeling naturally cool and refreshed.

But if you aren’t there, then the fan simply runs for nothing and eats up electricity. So next time you feel like saving some money, remember to shut the fan off before you leave a room.

3. Pay Less, Get Smarter: App-controlled Fans

Did you know that even your ceiling fans are becoming “smart”? With companies making digitally-integrated ceiling fans, you are now able to set timing schedules, control spin speed, change blade rotation, and even have motion sensing technology that turns on and off when you enter or leave a room. All of this from your phone!

Having a smart ceiling fan may seem like overkill, but the savings you will get from such an efficient machine may be worth your while.

Are you thinking about installing a new ceiling fan that meets all of your summer needs, or need help changing your fan’s rotation, contact us at Herrmann Services for professional and reliable services!