Steps to Take When Your Furnace is Leaking Water

Man Fixing Water under Furnace PhotoIn the Cincinnati, OH, area, it’s not uncommon to spot water pooling under your furnace year-round. While it definitely isn’t a good idea to leave the problem be, there are a variety of things that can result in a gas furnace leaking water or water collecting on the floor. These can range from simple fixes to complicated furnace and air conditioner repairs, so it’s good to know what you might be encountering.

Poor Pipe Insulation Can Cause Condensation to Form

One relatively simple cause of a gas furnace leaking water is poor insulation around pipes and lines where condensation can occur. If insulation has gaps or poorly-taped spots, condensation can form, drip down, and collect on the floor beneath the furnace. Fortunately, this is one of the few causes that’s pretty easy for homeowners to fix. The insulation should be taped or replaced as needed to keep condensation from forming.

Clogged Drain Tubes Cause Water to Back Up

Other causes of water under your furnace are clogs in the floor drain or drainage tube. These occur when dirt or dust mix with condensation and are allowed to build up until they create a blockage that prevents water from draining away properly.

Your Flue Pipe May Be Too Small

If the floor drain and tubing appear clear, the problem may be due to an improperly sized flue pipe. This allows cooled exhaust to condense in the pipe, leak back into the furnace, and form a puddle. While a clogged floor drain can usually be cleared without professional assistance, blocked, dry-rotted tubing or an undersized flue will both need to be handled by a pro.

Internal Drain Clogs Can Cause Water under the Furnace

In summer, air conditioning units that share an internal drain with a furnace can lead to water under the furnace. Internal drain units clog easily, causing moisture generated by air conditioner condensers to build up and leak from the furnace itself. A clogged condensation drain usually requires a professional to service it.

There are a variety of other causes of water pooling under a furnace, most of which require a service call. For more information about furnace and air conditioner maintenance and service, call Herrmann Services at 513-737-8423.

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